Time to Meet LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel’s Learning Change Agents (Collection I)

February marked the end of LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel’s (Collection I).  March is the beginning of a significant month for Learning Dimensions (a Chicago-based educational consultant company that aims to design and provide quality and transformative learning solutions and experiences to organizations and school districts that meet the demands of the 21st century learner) and LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel (the philanthropic arm of Learning Dimensions that funds educational organizations via a clothing line that consists of limited edition fashion T-shirts that include unique designs that focus on rebranding the perception of learning and education from test-driven and rote memorization to meaningful, relevant and passion driven learning experiences).

For the past six months, LearningDimensions/LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel have featured a number of dynamic education reformers and sharing their stories on Learning Dimensions: The Blog!  Throughout these several months, LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel’s customers have purchased t-shirts in order to raise funds to financially support the work of these ‘think outside the box’ individuals in diverse fields and organizations committed to redefining the image of learning and advocating for passion-driven and curiosity-fueled learning experiences for learners of all ages.

I am so excited to announce, that the time has come to select the Learning Change Agent (the title given to innovative education reformers who are eligible to receive a portion of the profits received from LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel’s collections).  Through the generosity of our customers and supporters, funds have been collected to further the work of transformative educational initiatives, programming and learning activities for diverse learners of all ages.

During this month, for the first time ever, a LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel Learning Change Agent will be identified via a public voting round campaign (look out for the forthcoming link to the voting page coming within the next few days).  The person and affiliated organization(s) with the most votes will be given a portion of the profits received from the sales of LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel’s (Collection I).

Take a look a the ten featured LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel Learning Change Agents (Collection 1) who have been featured on Learning Dimensions: The Blog! over the past number of months and are eligible for the public voting round to secure the funds to further the transformative work that they are doing.

LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel, Learning Change Agents, Collection I

Emile Cambry, founder, at the Blue 1647 tech innovation hub in Chicago on Tuesday, January 27, 2015. (Andrew A. Nelles/ For The Chicago Tribune)

BLUE1647 (Emile Cambry, Jr.)-Fostering economic development in technology and 21st Century skills through people development (classes, workshops, and events around technology), workforce development (through youth and adult technology programs to prepare individuals for high-demand jobs) and Business Acceleration (through shared coworking-services).


Circle of Wives (Elle Davis)- Helping women live resilient lives and find happiness in their marriage.


Creative Cypher (Troy Pryor)- Providing mentoring and training to those interested in a career in the entertainment industry.

photo (8)

Dream On Education (Kelli Haywood)- Providing the best and brightest 6-8th graders in at-risk communities with tutoring, mentoring, career exposure and cultural exposure.

photo (8) copy 3

Foundations College Prep (Jeffery Beckham, Jr.)- Serving the students of Chicago’s Roseland community and empowering youth to thrive in college and life by giving them access to innovative educators who teach them to think critically, live with honor, and strive for a better self and world.


Haji Coutour (Aya Nikole-Cook)- Providing yoga classes, workshops and healing practices to underserved communities.

Moderator Sandee Kastrul asks a question during the Breaking Barriers: Lessons Learned from Trailblazing Women panel Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2104 at 1871 in Chicago.

i.c. stars (Sandee Kastrul)- Providing a rigorous technology-based workforce development and leadership training program for low-income adults, developing Chicagoland’s most promising information technology talent with leadership goals and connecting them with career opportunities through our social enterprise and our partner organizations.

photo (5)

ONLI Studios, LLC (Professor Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T.)- Focusing on independent publishing, fine art, and educational services to bring Graphic Novels to the classroom to enhance student engagement.


The Simple Good (Priya Shah)- Connecting the meaning of ‘good’ from around the world to empower at-risk youth to bring positivity into communities through art programming and discussion.

LD Tweaked Style pic

Tweaked Style (Jacqueline Marie)- Helping individuals to become more confident, organized, and intentional in their business and life.

We could not be at this point of our education rebranding efforts if it weren’t for the continual support of all of you.  Thank you for being a part of our movement building efforts.  Together we are learning change agents transforming education, one shirt at a time!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Source: unsplash.com

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