Behind the Scenes: LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel Promo Video

Oh, I can hardly contain my excitement!! December was a busy month for LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel.  Before the end of the year we wanted to complete the promotional video for the line.  We are truly thankful for Ranadeb Choudhury, Chief Executive Officer of and 8tivlabs, and the entire 8tivlabs team for helping us with the LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel promotional video. Stay tuned for the official promotional film that we plan to share to the public, for the first time, within the next few days.  Trust me, you do not want to miss this!  In the meantime, check out a few of the ‘behind the scenes’ shots.

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Erick “Roho” Garcia, LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel Design Consultant, and Monica Swope, LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel CEO, in the 8tivlabs studio preparing for the filming.

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Under the directorship of Ranadeb Choudhury, CEO of 8tivlabs and, we were reminded to smile.  Seems simple enough, until you have to keep that smile for several takes over a couple of hours.

photo 3 (1)

Monica Swope delivering her lines and remembering to smile.

photo 1 (2) copy 2

photo 3 (1) copy

“Roho” looking quite natural as he begins to deliver his lines.

photo (8)

photo 1 (2)

The final shot of Monica (left) and “Roho” (right) in front of the green screen.  The green screen will allow design images to be projected in the background.

photo 2 (1)

The 8tivlabs crew: Mario Sanchez, far left; Raul Sanchez, left; Ranadeb Choudhury, far right.

After about two hours in the studio, the filming was complete. LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel thanks 8tivlabs for capturing the apparel line’s story on video.  Stay tuned for the official promotional video.  LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel thanks our supporters and community for believing in the work that the apparel line is striving to accomplish.

LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel is a clothing line that consists of limited edition fashion T-shirts (and other items coming soon) that include unique designs that focus on rebranding the perception of learning and education from test-driven and rote memorization to meaningful, relevant and passion driven learning experiences. As a socially conscious enterprise, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that are providing meaningful and passion-driven learning experiences to learners of all ages. Visit and shop the online store hosted by Threadless.     


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