Learning Change Agent: Jacqueline Marie

What is your name? Jacqueline Marie

Where are you from? Vermont, currently resides in Chicago, IL

What organization do you represent? Tweaked Style

What is your job title? Business Strategist & Life Stylist

How long has the organization been in existence? 5 years

What is the mission and vision of the organization?

I believe that a healthy and successful business and life starts with the leader. My mission is to help people become more resilient, resourceful, organized and intentional leaders in their life and business. I help people create clear visions, plans, a life-style and marketing strategy that helps them succeed.

What impact do you think your organization has on learning and education?

It’s essential to understand who you are, how you learn, and what tools, information, and resources you need in order to achieve your goals. Tweaked Style helps people become more clear about who they are and what they need in order to make more strategic and intentional decisions in their personal and career life. I teach people decision-making strategy in marketing, lifestyle and business planning that sets them up for success.

Tell me a little bit more about the communities that you service through your educational program.

I have a lot of different communities where I teach and learn. I have an entrepreneurial community and an all women community.

My entrepreneurial community consists of a group of people who are trying to develop their business ideas and bring them to life. We share with each other resources, tips and tools for being better business leaders and innovators. I frequently work out of a co-working café space in Lincoln Park where I have taught personal branding classes to entrepreneurs and professionals. I am currently planning 2016 workshop series for young professionals focused on resiliency building, strategizing your goals and marketing yourself.

I am a co-organizer of a women’s group called Creative Womens’ Conversations that consists of over 60 women in Chicago, Seattle and soon to be Miami. We host monthly brunches and cocktail focus sessions where we feature topics that help creative women entrepreneurs with marketing and lifestyle tips.

I have also worked with youth, helping them discover resiliency tools to overcome adversity in life, but most importantly, discover who they are. For example, I recently worked with the Chicago Basketball Academy teaching a personal branding class to twelve and fifteen year old students. I showed the students how their personal brand effects how they’re being remembered and the experiences they’re giving others. They learned how a thoughtful personal brand could help them become better remembered for who they are and strive to be.

All of the communities that I service have one thing in common, they are trying to do something out of the box that they’re passionate about and are eager to learn a new strategy, a new approach, because maybe their way is not working.

Interviewer: You mentioned personal branding a few times, could you share a little bit more about what that is?

Personal branding is a tool that I have used to overcome adversity in my life and attract opportunities that align with who I am and what I want. Your personal brand is everything that people experience with you. If you think of a business, a business brand includes all of the touch points that your customer experiences with your business. This can be anything from communication, email, even how you smell, how you talk, are you making eye contact, or shaking someone’s hand. These are factors that make you memorable; what you’re known for. The experiences you give others are an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others and become a “go-to” for your ideal niche. It’s important that your message is aligned with your goals, values and purpose so that you attract your ideal life.

 What inspired you to get involved in education or this type of work in the field of education?

I wanted to share with people what I learned from my own resiliency story and experiences. I’ve overcome a lot throughout my life and want to inspire people through my story, lessons learned, things I’m still learning and how I find joy in the journey. I really want to teach people how to find their inner resiliency. The people that I’ve coached have inspired me and taught me a lot about different types of people, passions, overcoming life’s obstacles; that’s super powerful.

If you can change anything regarding education and/or learning, what would it be?

I’m a strong supporter of customizing education to an individual. You hear about these different programs where you can design your education, like The Experience Institute. I love The Experience Institute. Just the whole concept of giving someone a project they’re passionate about, “a passion project”, and going out into the world and figuring out how to do it. I think that education should shift to that [model].

We do a similar model with my clients. My clients trust me to customize and design their own education (aka strategic plan) while finding the gaps for growth and learning. We say to our clients, “Okay what do you want and what do we need to learn? What resources do we need to attain?” From answering those questions, our customers become more invested in the process of learning because we’ve figured out their why, their passion, instead of feeding them random information. Other consultants or business coaches give their clients reports or charts to use; do X, Y and Z and you’ll be successful, etc. Well, the problem with that process is that you haven’t attached the why, so the client will never learn it and become more of an independent leader. I believe people should find their why so they can become invested in their education.

What advice would you give to someone who is in the process of learning something new?

I would say find the fun in it. I think learning and education sometimes has a stigma of being stressful or a chore. When growing up we are taught that it’s a chore, just something to write off your list or you can’t wait to get out of it; but I would say find the fun in it. Any time you find the fun in it, you’re going to absorb the information and make the most of the time that you have.

What does it mean to be a Learning Change Agent?

Wow. It’s such a big responsibility to have. First of all, I’m honored to be considered a Learning Change Agent. I think that’s really huge! I’ve had a lot of teachers, mentors or people that I look up to in my life and words can’t describe the power of their impact. I would say being a Learning Change Agent means that I commit to live by example; I commit to lead a life that I promote. I believe that by leading a life with integrity I am better able to learn and share what I learn with others.

Photo Credit: Eric Kleinberg

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