My Vision of Education

I was working late one night at the school that I taught at making a test that I needed to administer to my students the next day (yes, it is true, teachers are not always able to plan ahead). I was tired, in a hurry and anxious to get out of the school building as it was getting rather late. At the most inopportune time, one of my students walks in my classroom (I had to work really hard to disguise my disgust on her extremely poor timing).  She spent about ten minutes chatting about, you know, whatever fifteen year-olds find to be breaking news.  I was halfway listening and trying to focus on writing the test.  Then, suddenly, my computer screen went blank.  Yes, BLANK!  Right at the time that I was near completion!

I was trying to keep my cool, but not doing a good job at it.  I was a sight to see in front of my student.  Then, calmly the young lady walked towards me and the computer, tapped a few keys on the keyboard, and the document reappeared.  At that point, I was so grateful and gave her a BIG hug.  Then she proceeded to share with me what I did and the various command functions on the keyboard.  She also shared with me several options on how to back up my documents, etc.  The roles had suddenly switched.  She was now the teacher, and I humbly and willingly, became her student.

My vision of education is that learners have many opportunities to engage in reciprocal teaching experiences, whereas the student becomes the teacher and the teacher discovers their eureka moment because of their student(s). I am so glad that young lady stopped by to simply chat with me.

What is your vision of education?  You see, when many have a vision, that vision is no longer simply a dream, but has the potential to become a reality.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your vision(s) about education.  I would like to hear your thoughts and engage in a conversation with you.

About This Feature: My experiences as an educator have developed visions of what I imagine education should be.  Not what I saw/see, but what I desire it to be. Future posts, under this title, My Vision of Education,  I will share my visions of education.


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