LEARNtheBrand Photoshoot: ‘Behind the Scenes’

Have you ever watched a good television program, and after the credits have rolled up your television screen, there are a few clips that show the ‘bloopers’ or ‘behind the scenes’ recordings?  On the occasions when this has happened to me, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed a brief glimpse of what was not intended to be viewed by the public equally as much as the final edited program.  Perhaps, it is the fact that the ‘bloopers’ or the ‘behind the scenes’ shots show the program in its organic state.  Or, maybe, the unedited footage provides an example of how mistakes were necessary to create such an enjoyable viewing experience.

Nearly two weeks ago, LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel (a clothing line committed to rebranding the perception of learning and education from rote memorization and high stakes testing to passion-driven learning experiences) had its first photo shoot at BLUE1647 (an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center that fosters economic development in technology).  I am truly thankful to the models present at the photo shoot on one of the final warm and sunny Saturday afternoons in September.  Under the creative guidance of our Editorial Styling Manager, Felicia Clotworthy, and photographer Jabari Hunt, stunning product shots were captured.  I cannot wait to share the final photos with the public!  

In the meantime, would you like to see some of the shots that did not make the final cut, the ‘behind the scenes’ shots? Of course you do!  My hope is that, in sharing the photos not intended for the public, an authentic and fun view of LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel is more visible to our supporters and community. 

photo (7)

The photo shoot kicked off with two adorable (and high-energy) child models, Evan (Left) and Simone (Right).

photo (8)

After many attempts of playing a ‘hands-up, hands-down’ game, we finally thought that we captured the perfect shot!  This photo is pretty adorable, but…we did not get a good shot of the t-shirt that Simone was wearing.  I love her confident look, though. Simone knew she looked GOOD!

photo (8)

Evan wanted to make sure that everyone saw his Think Outside the Box shirt (as well as the tags and well-made lining in his sport coat).  Nice job, Evan.  I totally LOVE the boots!

photo (8)

After our child models’ photo shoot, it was time for the adults to get styled in their t-shirts. Priya (Left) is looking stylish in the LEARNtheBrand logo t-shirt and Felicia (Right), the Editorial Styling Manager, is making the final touches.  Nice fit!

photo (8)

Final fitting for model, Chris (Left), to get the picture-perfect shot of the Glass Half Full shirt.

photo (8)

Everyone added his and her own expression while modeling the Think Outside the Box (Red/Remix) shirt. Tim is drawing the viewer’s attention to the box (within the box).  Brilliant!

photo (8)

Tequila (Right) decided to bring attention to the importance of the mind and Lincoln (Left) was willing to add the fitting upward glance in this shot.

photo (8)

Troy’s pose, while modeling the Think Outside the Box (Remix) shirt, accents the rebranding message quite well and encourages us to move beyond mental self-constraints in order to master skills and successfully tackle challenges.

photo (8) copy

Laughter was what kept the models going.  A little comic relief shared between Felicia (Left) and Lincoln (Right).  Who knew that Lincoln was quite a comedian?

photo (8)

Tequila, took the perfect pose while modeling the Learning Is Ongoing shirt.  The beautiful African-print head wrap was a great way to accessorize this thought provoking shirt.

photo (8)

The entire photo shoot lasted about six hours.  From all the indications in this photo, I guess that we have reached the end of the LEARNtheBrand Impact Apparel photo shoot (Felicia, seated, & Evan, slumped over lap).

Look out for our final product shots coming soon!  To purchase your limited edition t-shirt today, click on the following link to access and shop our online store hosted by Threadless: https://learnthebrand.threadless.com.  A portion of the profits received will be donated to organizations that are committed to providing learners, of all ages, opportunities to engage in transformative and meaningful learning experiences. Together we are change agents. 

Featured Image: Mom & Daughter (Lisa, left, & Bethany, right)

Photographer:  Jabari Hunt


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